Content Guidelines

Effective date: May 27, 2023

StartSpace is a platform for independent writing. We provide a space for a diverse range of thoughts, discussions and facts. The following guidelines outline what is and is not acceptable on StartSpace. We have the exclusive right to interpret and enforce these guidelines, although we may seek input from external experts, conduct research, and follow industry best practices in doing so. If you come across any content that may violate these guidelines or if you have any questions about them, you can email us at

If we determine that any content violates these guidelines, we may remove it, hide it from public view, or impose other restrictions. Please note that these Content Guidelines are subject to change at our discretion and without notice.


Please respect people's intellectual property rights and refrain from infringing on their privacy or any other legal rights. Do not publish any content that violates laws or regulations. You are solely responsible for the content you publish on StartSpace and may be held liable for any harm caused by such content.

In General

We aim to create a safe environment for discussion and expression on StartSpace. However, we also recognize the importance of critiquing and discussing controversial issues as part of robust discourse. We strive to strike a reasonable balance between these two priorities. It is important to note that StartSpace strictly prohibits credible threats of physical harm.


StartSpace may not be utilized to publish content or support initiatives that promote violence against individuals based on protected characteristics. Offensive behavior includes making credible threats of physical harm towards individuals on the basis of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, or medical condition.

Private Information

You are prohibited from publishing or sharing other people's private information (such as personal phone numbers or home addresses) without their explicit authorization and consent. Additionally, any acts of threatening to expose private information or encouraging others to do so are strictly prohibited. Please note that the publication of publicly accessible information does not violate this policy.


You must not publish any material that has been written or created by someone else and present it as your own.


Impersonation is strictly prohibited, which includes pretending to be another individual, brand, or organization. This policy extends to StartSpace itself: you must not use StartSpace's name, logo, or trademark in a manner that misrepresents the company or deceives others.

Restrictions on Monetization

StartSpace utilizes some payment processors, and certain types of businesses are excluded from using their services. Please consult the Service Agreement of the applicable payment processors for detailed information regarding restricted business categories and practices.

Harmful and illegal activities

We do not permit content that promotes harmful or illegal activities, including material that advocates, threatens, or depicts you causing harm to yourself, other people, or animals.

Spam and phishing

We strongly condemn spam and phishing. You may not create publications for the purpose of spamming or phishing. Avoid posting spam when engaging with others on StartSpace, such as in comments, discussion threads, or email replies.

StartSpace is not a marketing platform. We do not permit publications that are solely established for the purpose of advertising external products or services, distributing offers and promotions, or engaging in similar activities.

Nudity, porn, erotica

We do not allow pornography or sexually exploitative content on StartSpace, including explicit depictions of sexual acts solely for the purpose of sexual gratification. However, we do permit depictions of nudity for artistic, journalistic, or related purposes, as well as erotic literature. It is important to note that we have a strict policy prohibiting nudity in profile images. We reserve the right to hide or remove explicit content from StartSpace's discovery features, including search and on


The philosophy behind these guidelines also extends to StartSpace readers. While we believe that writers are responsible for moderating and managing their communities, there may be instances where we review reports regarding readers' comments to enforce these guidelines.

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